Photo Booth Affairs Makes Parties, Wedding Ceremonies, Corporate Events More Entertaining With Magic Mirror Photo Booth, As We Have Perfect Magic Selfie Mirror Booth With Amazing Creative Integrations.

The selfie mirror photo booth is the most appealing thing in any event. Selfie Mirror Hire gives your guests a much more interactive experience, and produce great photos at the same time. If you have decided to bring your event and party to life and looking for Photo Booth Hire and mirror photo booth hire, Photo Booth Affairs is the destination to meet your needs of selfie mirror hire. Our Mirror Photo Booths have hundreds of emojis and stickers to add to the photos, making each one fun and unique, and this can all be controlled by the guests on the mirror booth touch screen.

Magic Selfie Mirror Hire

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

A magic mirror is pretty self-explanatory. A magic mirror shows your guests a reflection, but also provides them with a range of great animations between photos, and different additions to the photos themselves. You will never experience a photo booth like this. The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth is sure to be a hit with your next party, wedding, or event. The magic selfie mirror photo booth at Photo Booth Affairs is a unique one of a kind photo booth experience for your guests, completely customizable to match your party, event, wedding, or event themes. This photo booth offers the latest technology in interactive picture taking.

Selfie Mirror Booth Rental

If you decide to rent a selfie mirror photo booth from Photo Booth Affairs, you get access to a range of amazing things. Every one of our selfie mirror photo booth rentals also comes with a fun and friendly booth attendant. With our Selfie Mirror Booth, guests can take their own photos. We at Photo Booth Affairs offer a range of upgrades, including a keepsake Album And Optional Green Screen. We provide plenty of props to use with the mirror photo booth hire. If you are looking to give your event that extra, memorable bit of entertainment, then think about a selfie magic mirror booth rental at Photo Booth Affairs.

Selfie Mirror Booth Services We Provide

Selfie Mirror Booth Hire At Photo Booth Affairs we offer the following selfie mirror booth services:

Photo Booth Affairs have you covered for all of your selfie mirror photo booths. Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, or private party, a Magic Mirror Photo Booth is sure to be the talking point of your event.

Selfie Mirror Booth Rental

The selfie mirror booth hire allows your guests to take full-length pictures throughout the event. Spruce up your party, wedding, or event with a High-Tech Magic Selfie Mirror. Photo Booth Affairs is a worthy and able selfie mirror booth rental service provider to spruce up your party, wedding, or event with a high-tech magic selfie mirror.

magic Mirror Hire

Mirror Hire For Weddings

The magic selfie mirror is the must-have for weddings. It represents the Latest And Unique Photo Technology that is perfect for your event. Take your special event to the next level with our crazy, cool, and affordable selfie mirror for weddings.

Cheap Magic Mirror Hire

Photo Booth Affairs is recognized as a cheap magic mirror hire. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is portable and stands on its own, which means we can set it up wherever you would like us to do. The team Photo Booth Affairs will arrive at your venue with more than enough time to set up and prepare the magic mirror, so it is ready when your guests arrive.